Zoom Chats

The first weekend of July sees me heading west from London to the remote but stunning corner of Wales that is Pembrokeshire. My reason for this trip is a long held desire to visit this beautiful part of the country but this time it’s to research the area with all it has to offer photographically […]

Lockdown garden photography

When lockdown hit us last year and the enforced confinement to our own safe home habitats was starting to bite I had to do something to keep my photography needs fulfilled. Blessed with a garden space I set about watching the wildlife & seeing what I could “manufacture” in terms of photographic opportunities birds were […]

Rutting Stags in Richmond Park

The recent photography trip saw us at Richmond Park for an early 6am meet to walk into the park and get into our chosen position by the parks main lakes, ready and waiting in anticipation for sunrise.  About ten minutes before sunrise we were standing there thinking “ok, sunrise is not going to play ball” & we […]